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Build a brand storytelling strategy that drives up to 7x stronger results-- from the comfort of your HOME!


august 2020


I help content marketers reduce overwhelm/confusion by teaching them how to build a winning storytelling strategy for their brand. I'm a Minnesota mama, and remote content strategist with 17-years experience helping brands connect with their audiences to generate millions of engagements and sales. 

I come from a world managing up to $10M budgets, but know how to get scrappy too.  I understand the pressures you face, and want to help teach what I know. I develop content strategies for channels including: blog, editorial, PR, social, influencers, videos, SEO, email, CRM, and large third-party media partnerships including Katie Couric Media, Thrive Global, HGTV, etc.




  • Brand storytelling creates empathy which is the fastest way to more emotionally connect with your audience's hearts and minds = trust, more repeat & referral sales, word-of-mouth

  • Do you ever feel pulled in a lot of directions and wish your org had more clarity and alignment?  This course will outline exactly how to do this and present it for executive alignment.

  • Have your agency budgets been reduced or cut due to COVID-19, but you still need help with your content strategy? This course will help you level-up.

  • Are you in charge of your brand's content strategy and it's freaking you out a little?  Or, need help thinking some things through and getting internal buy-in

  • Do you wish there was a small private group of other marketers like you that you could bounce ideas off of in a private setting? This course gives you private group access to all participants.

  • Are you trying to think more like an Editor for your brand and need guidance to improve your content's performance? Yep, you guessed it. This course will teach you how.

When life hands you an obstacle, do you get bitter 

or get better?

stories are 22x more memorable

than facts and figures alone, according to stanford study

Here's Just a fraction of what the course covers


  • How to create a winning storytelling strategy framework: step-by-step guide

  • Generating creative ideas to inform a smart content calendar; scaling across channels

  • Selling-in your ideas and with more confidence, winning over internal skeptics to increase budgets/results

  • 8 hours video training to watch from comfort of your home & level-up your skills

  • PLUS, 6 BONUSES (see below for more)



Before I launch this course to the public this Fall, I'm looking for beta testers who are committed to advance their skills and provide feedback on the course. I promise you will learn and get a ton of value out of this course plus get even more extra 1:1 attention from me. 


Who it's For

Content marketers involved in developing strategy who want to: 

  1. Reduce feelings of overwhelm or confusion about what to do with their branded content strategy

  2. Prioritize what matters to drive stronger results, secure internal alignment, and organize workload 

  3. Create a succinct, strategic storytelling framework to eliminate distractions

  4. Tap into their/team's creativity to better engage audience(s) 

  5. Build a smarter content calendar strategy

  6. More confidently "sell" their ideas internally; even if they sometimes feel like an imposter

NOT FOR: This is not a writing course, so if you're looking to improve your tactical writing skills, this isn't the right course for you.

Sarah Generates $Millions in Revenue For Brands Using the Same Strategies taught In This Course. What people Say About Working with Sarah panus...

Stephanie Gonzalez headshot.jpg

Stephanie G., Director of Client Experience, Brand Partnerships, THRIVE GLOBAL

I had the pleasure of working with Sarah on some award-winning content for Sleep Number. Sarah was KEY in the development and success of the work we created together. Not only was she a joy to work with, but she was constantly motivated by the pursuit of brand quality. Her energy to make things happen is contagious and it helped us achieve great goals. Sarah is highly focused, positive, detail oriented, and adds value with every decision she makes. Above all, Sarah has an exceptional ability to grow brands through creative and strategic storytelling.

Anne Miller headshot.jpg

Anne M. Digital Managing Editor

I worked with more than a dozen clients through Contently, and Sarah was one of the most organized content leaders on my service roster. She deeply understands her audience, takes time to consider what inspires them, and creates strategies that speak to them. Her communication with writers and editors like myself, from schedules and calendars to feedback, was helpful and supportive. Her flexibility and openness to embracing ideas was truly refreshing. I worked with Sarah for several years, and would work with her on new projects anytime.

Ronald Davis headshot.jpg

Ronald D. PMP, Director Loyalty, Americas at Radisson Hotel Group

I had the pleasure of working with Sarah in her role as Senior Manager of Content Marketing Strategy as well as Senior Editorial Manager. Sarah was always a pleasure to work with. She was a wonderful partner who works cross-functionally to achieve organizational goals. She has a unique talent in using each department's strengths to build teamwork and achieve high-performance. During my interactions with her, she revolutionized Sleep Number's storytelling by interacting with our most loyal customers and finding unique and interesting ways for them to share their love of the product. This strategy contributed to improved sales by improving repeat, referral sales and drive new business. Sarah makes a difference and I highly recommend working with her.


8 hours of step-by-step video training (do at your own pace) $500 value



Lifetime access to private Facebook group with other content marketers


BONUS 1: simple fill-in-the-blank

Brand Storytelling Framework

PowerPoint template $100 value



BONUS 2: 12-month

editorial content calendar

template with empathy-filter prompts $75 value



cheat sheet of facts and examples to

prove the power of brand storytelling

to even your biggest skeptics $30 value


BONUS 4: video tutorials of

how to find content ideas using

4 free research tools $100 value


BONUS 5: how to scale your content

across channels for max results $100 value


BONUS 6: before-you-create

checklist: 6 questions to ask



$97 ($905 value)

Why Is Now The Greatest Time Ever To Join?

COVID-19 Is Putting Extra Pressure On Your Brand & You Need to Jumpstart Your Marketing To Re-engage Your Customers 

COVID-19 has impacted our economy and our businesses.  Brands need to be hyper-focused on talking about the right things to re-engage their audiences to drive meaningful business results.  You need to act quickly and don't have room for a lot of mistakes. You may be unsure where to start; have too much/too little data; lack the know-how for building a strategic storytelling framework; or feel so busy you just need someone to lay it out for you. Sarah is offering this course at a fraction of her normal billing rate to help brands rebuild, grow, and thrive.

EXCEPTIONAL VALUE for beta testers only. this is the lowest price this course will ever be offered.

As a thank you for being the first to go through this course with me, I'm offering a $905 valued course for only $97!!! This is the lowest price this course will ever be offered again. But, just because this is the beta of the course doesn't mean you're not going to get a TON of value out of the program. I guarantee you'll learn what it takes to create a winning storytelling strategy, plus you'll get a lot more 1:1 attention from me in the private Facebook group because I'm interested in hearing your thoughts and questions, and see if anything else should be added or changed about the program before I launch it publicly to everyone later this year.  If you're interested in advancing your business and career, you're in the right place.

In 8 Hours, You'll cram decades into days and Learn What's Taken Sarah 17 Years to Learn-- at an incredible price of only $97

In today's world, you don't need to wait 17 years to learn a new skill. You can pay to gain the knowledge you're missing by learning from experts who are willing to share their know-how.  During this three-part course, Sarah will help accelerate your path to success by sharing the proven process she's used to help generate millions and millions of dollars for brands. There will only be one opportunity to beta-test this course at this reduced price. Once the course is full, the discounted offer ends.

Storytelling Creates Empathy & Empathy Builds Trust= People Buy From Brands They Trust

Empathy is the fastest way to connect with people's hearts and minds. The stories your brand creates and shares help build this connection and trust for increased engagement and lifetime customer value. Sarah will show you how to lean into quantitative insights and an "empathy-filter" to guide your organization's storytelling framework and inform: what you should talk about, who should say it, how to integrate across channels, and how to measure business impact.

Your Audience is Craving Authenticity and Connections

We live in a culture of distrust and faces in phones. But, people ARE willing to engage and binge-consume content they like-- content they feel speaks to them, helps them feel understood, entertained, or that inspires them to tap into their full potential.  Sarah will help you tap into data to speak a kindred language with your audience.

COVID-19 Has Proven You Can Work From Home

The beauty of working from home more is you get more schedule flexibility for your kids and yourself.  We'll discuss how building a prioritized and strategic storytelling framework helps your focus on what matters and get rid of the time-sucking other stuff that doesn't. 

Are You Ever Nervous About Sharing Your Creative Ideas At Work?

Sarah will teach you how to sell your creative ideas with more confidence, even if you sometimes feel like an imposter.  She'll share proven strategies she's used to secure executive alignment/funding/results.

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