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Rent my brain for a day. Email to discuss options and availability.




This is the foundation of any good brand storytelling plan and helps outline the objective/why behind your brand storytelling efforts; who you’re talking to; your brand storytelling pillars (most important piece); tone/personality; and a sample content calendar to bring it to life.  Think of this like the foundation to a house. You need it to outline priorities, and focus; all future content ladders back up to this framework. 
Final deliverables include: (2) team strategy/brainstorm sessions led by Sarah to inform the blueprint. (1) PowerPoint framework populated by Sarah using insights gleaned during the days booked.

  • Note: Requires access to the team for back/forth Qs as Sarah is creating the framework; background information on your target audience; along with any other data or insights the team has to inform the content strategy.

  • ½ day add-on option:  Sarah to create a content ecosystem outline that maps out all the channels you can share brand storytelling, and the kinds of content that can go on each.




After the blueprint is created (or if you already have a framework established), Sarah will conduct a content audit across 4 brand channels and 1-2 competitor channels and deliver a content audit analysis report outlining key findings, and recommendations for how to improve content storytelling across each channel. Includes best practice guidelines to reference when creating content across social channels. Sarah will then create an excel content calendar for the team to use that maps back to the strategic storytelling pillars outlined in your Brand Storytelling Framework.

Final deliverables include: (1) Content audit analysis report with recommendations and (1) Content best practice recommendations. (1) One-year content calendar excel template, customized for your brand. (1) A cheat sheet of 50 story ideas informed by SEO insights and other customer research your team can use to develop content throughout the year. 

  • ½ day add-on option:  Sarah to create and populate an excel file that maps out how to repurpose content across channels to get more out of your content and create efficiencies.




Have a lot of content created but need someone to review and proof and give feedback to ensure its meeting your editorial tone, and is as strong as it can be to engage your audience?  Or, would you like help reviewing existing content and making an outline of all the other ways you can repurpose content across channels using your existing content?  Send it to Sarah and she will review and track change edits to help you get closer to finalizing your content. Does not include writing any new original content. Examples could be multiple blog posts, social posts, many months of content calendar ideas to get feedback on the approach, video storyboards or scripts, content outlines with third-party partners, email, or newsletter communications, etc. 

Final deliverables include: Sarah will provide edits/feedback to as many content pieces as possible in an 8-hour timeframe.



depending on volume of data

$2,500 to


Need help making sense of all your data and what you should talk about with your target audience? Book Sarah to be your behind-the-scenes content private investigator.  During this day-rate, you will send Sarah ALL the data and insights and information you have and Sarah will comb through it to identify trends to inform your annual brand storytelling plan.  

Final deliverables include: (1) Executive summary content outline with key highlights to focus on, backed up by supporting evidence on where the insights came from.  (1) Outlined list of empathy filters you can use to pair the data with empathy to drive stronger audience engagement. Sarah sees up to 7x stronger results when pairing data+empathy.