What Brand Stories Can I Help You Tell?

Show Thought-Leadership

Ideated the creation of this Sleep Number mini-documentary video with external media partner, Thrive Global, to help increase the awareness of sleep’s importance among military and service members, to help improve the U.S. culture of sleep, and demonstrate brand thought leadership.  Cross-channel use during Veterans Day military message timing, owner-loyalty program, internal employee communications, and social media.



  • Pressboard Top 100 Branded Content Campaigns of 2019: #5 spot!  Others on list were Disney, Mashable, National Geographic, InStyle, Volvo, Mountain Dew, etc. 

  • Brandtale/Numerator newsletter, November 2019, “Best of the Week” recognition. A top branded creative newsletter people subscribe to for competitive campaign tracking, trends, and branded content inspiration.

Share Primary Research

Ideated the creation of this Sleep Number mini-documentary video with external media partner, Thrive Global, leveraging company primary CSR research, demonstrating sleep leadership, and tapping into an existing non-profit partnership. Nearly 1 million YouTube views, strong social engagement, cross-channel use in owner loyalty program, third-party media partnership sharing, and at CSR-focused events. 

Connect with Audience

Insights + the right story + relatable casting:  Worked with Sleep Number and media partner, Thrive Global, to lead through the development of a 4-part video series. This is one of the four.  I helped cast and ideate the storyboard for this mini-documentary styled video featuring product owners/social media influencers, Chris Loves Julia. Discusses the role sleep plays within relationships and offers tips to help improve quality sleep between partners.

Micro-target Audience Storytelling

I'm excited to share this video we recently shot to lean into a segment of importance to the brand.  We chose to tap into the brand's existing customer base to find this great family. I created the concept, helped ID the people featured, and partnered with Thrive Global who shot & edited this great video.


Worked with external creative company and internal brand creative directors to refresh a series of four animated videos for the Sleep30 Challenge website.