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Helping brands plan and amplify their storytelling content.

Clarify the words you use and the stories you share.


It shouldn't feel like you're falling behind because your content plans can't get done.

Stop stressing about how to engage new & existing customers.


  • Lack the people and time to plan storytelling content well.

  • Feel stuck or spinning wheels sharing stories that lack empathy.

  • So busy the project never gets off your to-do list.

  • Worried about losing out on new customers.

  • Know you're missing repeat & referral business from existing customers.

  • Need to retain your team & ensure they (and you) are energized by work.

Work with Sarah Panus to reduce overwhelm
and engage customers via storytelling content marketing projects. Imagine...

Knowing what to focus on in your storytelling content to drive better results.

Engaging new & existing customers with content they actually want to consume.

Feeling less overwhelmed and basking in the glory of checking this off your to-do list!

Sarah understands how hard it is to juggle all the demands coming at you and your team.

  • 20 years of experience creating content plans for large B2C companies

  • Millions in sales and engagements generated each year

  • Podcast in top 5% of all marketing podcasts

  • Worked with: Sleep Number, Starbucks, Nestle Waters North America,
    Thrive Global, Katie Couric Media, Lindt Chocolate, Alta Tech, etc.

kristian merenda headshot.jfif

Kristian Merenda, MBA, Managing Principal, Cause Branding Expert

Sarah is a breath of fresh air, adding positive energy perfectly balanced with smarts and good humor to any business situation. I was continually impressed with the quality of her work and her willingness to take on any challenge placed before her. She is a professional of the highest caliber.

bill fleishman headshot.jfif

Bill Fleishman, Integrated Marketing & Communications Leader

Sarah delivers exceptional results no matter how or where she applies her energy. In addition to her craft excellence, Sarah is a cultural contributor who improves her team and organization just by being part of it. She is a stand-out in my experience and would endorse her for any career choice she makes.

leeann rasachak headshot.jfif

LeeAnn Rasachak, CEO

Sarah is the ideal digital leader-- sharp, creative, driven and strategic. She is known for her strong ability to lead others directly and through cross-functional team collaboration. Sarah can navigate through complex issues by strategically assessing a situation and bring forth creative, results-oriented solutions.

holly ohanlon photo.jfif

Holly O'Hanlon, NBC-HWC, InTrust Wellness

I worked closely with Sarah for 5 years at Sleep Number and I am always amazed at how much quality work she can get done. She is an agent for change, an excellent team builder, and one of the most creative people I know.  If you want a team player with creativity, smarts and proven results, look no further!

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StoryBrand Content Messaging Strategy

Don't waste millions marketing the wrong message. Sarah uses the StoryBrand 7-part framework to help clarify your marketing messages, giving you the exact words to use across channels.

Certified StoryBrand Guide.

Done-for-You Freelance Services


Let Sarah take this off your to-do list.  Freelance editorial storytelling strategies, plans, and implementation to help you engage new + existing customers and drive business results. Content plans guided by Sarah's proprietary Brand Storytelling Blueprint®, scaling content team operations, podcast marketing, brand blogs, content partnerships, etc.

Day Rates or Longer Projects.

Brand Storytelling Courses


Invest in your professional development to feel more confident in your job. Online courses and masterclasses taught by 20-year expert, Sarah Panus; including, Brand Storytelling Academy®, Brand Storytelling Blueprint® + more.



Schedule a Call

Book a free 30-min Zoom discovery call with Sarah to discuss your project needs and determine fit.


Get Content That Works

Book project with Sarah to clarify your marketing messages and help with strategic editorial brand storytelling projects.


Check Off Your To-Do List

Go from overwhelmed to confident. Check this off your to-do list, and start engaging more new & existing customers.

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

Avoid these mistakes when pulling your next content plan together. Learn from Sarah's 20+ years of experience to save time and drive better results.

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